Season for the A4 ZINE

A4 Zine and this blog were one of our first ideas during EVS in A4. How did it actually start? We had our weekly meeting about project and then we just realised that we have a lot of events suitable for non-Slovak speaking people, but it's not promoted! We already knew a bit how it is to be a foreigner in Slovakia and experienced looking for an entertainment for ourselves, something more than just basic parties and drinking. We were struggling , though in Bratislava it's still much easier than in smaller towns! So we started our adventure and it was a long travel! We wanted to include every month events, so we were analysing program and searching for all cool stuff such as cinema with English subtitles, concerts, festivals happening in A4 space, etc. We didn't want to pick due to our taste, while everyone should be able to chose by himself and enjoy! We also wanted to write our thoughts, reviews from past events or promote upcoming with a longer text. Sometimes we ha

Focused on EVS

Visual side of A4 / exhibitions project

In the back of A4

Cosmic guest in A4!

Interview with Miman

A4 - space for creativity and arts exhibitions

Zoom: Claire Denis

Die Angel on A4 stage!

Educate yourself in A4!

Mads Floor Andersen / the story of one project