Die Angel on A4 stage!

Legendary electronic duo came back to A4 to make a show again! Maybe you remember them as a part of Finnish group Pan Sonic which played within the festival NEXT in 2005 in A4. This group split up and two of its members created a duo called Die Angel. 
They are probably among the world most popular electronic musicians of the last three decades. Their music is famous for sharpness, simplicity and monumentality in the same time. Music is often composed instantly, that’s why some people call their music improvised and spontaneous. During the autumn 2018 they recorded their 8th album called Die Angel.

We had a chance to see their concert on 14th of March. There was slovak artist OdpaƂ performing before Die Angel came up on stage. He is among the first musicians in Slovakia who are trying to break through with drone doom. You could already see him in projects Tma, 0N0 or collective LOM. 
Let’s go back to Die Angel. Their show was spectacular and I believe that everyone enjoyed it. When I say spectacular I don’t mean falling glitters and fireworks by that . It was more about inner experience and for me personally it was really strong. Connection of electronic sounds, guitar and projection on screen behind was very interesting. I hope they will come to A4 soon and rock the show again!