In the back of A4

Welcome to our terrace for this summer! You can get there easily by just following the signs in the space. And when you found it, have a great chill there with a beer or gin tonic. Our new bike parking however, is harder to find.

To park your bike on a safer place, you don’t have a make a trip around the world. What you have to do, is make a trip through the YMCA building. There will be a video on our A4 Facebook page that explains how to get there. (A small secret: some magic will happen if you walk 5 rounds with your bike around the yard hole.)

When you parked your bike and walk to A4, you will probably see the terrace. There are some nice flowers and colorful chairs and tables. But maybe it’s a bit different than how nice it seems. If you are there you will see some doors. One had a pallet in front and there’s also a hole in the ground with a pallet over it. Please don’t go there if you don’t want to burn in the magma of the earth. Also there is a possibility of a free shower from our neighbours! After 10 in the evening the terrace is closed. But if you can’t resist going there, don’t forget to put on your raincoat.

You can find the terrace in the back of A4. There are some signs in the space to guide you. The terrace summer vibes will be even more highlighted on the end-of-the-season party on the 30th of June. Hopefully we will see you there! When the new season starts, the terrace will still be opened until the weather gets worse.