Zoom: Claire Denis

This month, it is Zoom: Claire Denis month in A4 Kino Inak. This means that five films directed by Claire Denis will be shown in A4. The first two have already been screened: No Fear, No Die and I Can’t Sleep. No Fear, No Die is about the illegal business of cockfighting in France and I Can’t Sleep about the stories of three different people who are kind of connected to each other. I will tell more about the first movie, but also about the movies that are yet to be shown.
Claire Denis is a French director, who is famous for using themes like racial differences and issues in modern France.

No Fear, No Die
This film is about Dev and Jocelyn who are involved in the illegal business of cockfighting. They work together with Pierre, who owns the space for the fights and buys the cocks. So Jocelyn can train them and Dev can take care of them. After a few fights, there’s a recession and not many people are coming to bet on the fights. This makes that Pierre wants the cocks to wear steel knives on their feet, so the fights will be more impressive for the audience. Jocelyn doesn’t agree to this and Jocelyn tries to flee. Dev convinces him to have one more fight with the steel and says that they can leave after. 

Future movies
Tonight, on the 11th of April, A4 kino inak will screen Beau Travail (good work). This is probably her most famous movie and it’s about a former sergeant of the French Legion, who looks back at his life leading troops in Africa.
Trouble Every Day will be screened at the 15th of April. It is an erotic horror movie about a married couple who travel to Paris, supposedly for their honeymoon. Instead the man, Dr. Shane Brown, wants to meet a neuroscientist whose wife is locked up in her own house, because she violently murders men.
On the 18th, Let The Sunshine In (un Beau Soleil Intérieur) will be screened, one of the latest films directed by Claire Denis. It’s a romantic comedy about a divorced woman living in Paris. She is looking for true love and she has many lovers who can’t provide her satisfaction.

All the films have English subtitles and have a voluntary entrance fee. Except for Let The Sunshine In. This film has Czech subtitles and the entrance fee is 3€. All the films start at 20:00.