Visual side of A4 / exhibitions project

A4 was always a space for contemporary art, but mostly such as music and performance (dance, theatre). This year started to occur changes, about which you can read an interview with our curator and person responsible for these changes. But what actually happened till now? Let's go through 2 exhibitions which you could see in A4:

Islands of seating – collaboration of two artists Dana Tomečková and Maja Štefačíková – was the first event of A4 series devoted to visual arts curated by Monika Pascoe Mikyšková.

The main area of the cafe host various of contemporary art with monthly frequency.
This interior intervention, as the first one of the series was created to force us to reconsider stereotypes of cafe culture – in the meaning of connecting people into groups of the tables. The work focused on seating allowed us to look at the function of chairs and tables in the new context.

The project had few phases during whole month. The opening intervention was the most spectacular one and after that the artists prepared several smaller actions in the space of A4. They were waiting for regular visitors to challenge their normal behaviors in cafe space.
Action itself was a subtle change in the space. One table together with chairs was placed on a small stage while the rest of the actions was implied only by lights which changed colors and made the situation become more scenic.

Dana Tomečková is a jewellery artist by profession, but she also works with objects and installations, focusing on relations of body and space and their subtle boundaries. She looks for moments and phenomenas that are hard to physically notice but easy to feel.

Maja Štefančíková uses various media in her work and she reflects on the themes of feminism, body, history and film. She works as an assistant in the Picture/Sound/Text and Context studio at the Department of Multimedia at the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava.

Peter Barényi is an intermedia artist who is the most know by his installations. His drawings were exhibited only once before, but we could see them regularly on artist’s Facebook or web site. His collection is still regularly updating.

All the drawings and collages were created in the last two years. Very often they response to the author's particular life situations, as spontaneous records of his subjective impressions. Peter is working with simple means, he uses basic forms such as drawings of points, surfaces and lines. This has become the fastest and the most accurate way of self-expression in this case.

For a long time the artist considered art a journal, known as visual journalism. Each drawing is marked on the back with the exact date and the place and as a series it can be considered artist's visual diary. At the first glance they are distinctively different from his previous works, but in their subtle hints they share specifics of Barényi's poetic creations: moving between dark and light, damped and exposed, intimate experiences and public experiences, pleasant and uncomfortable, existentially serious and relaxed, thoughtful and spontaneous - it is the art of poetic contrasts.

Peter Barényi finished doctor studies at the studio of Ilona Németh, where studied intemedia and multimedia. This exhibition you can still see in our space!

What about the future? On the 7th of June will take a place opening of new exhibition. It will be simply about posters of our artist – Lucia Šimková. That will be the last exhibition before summer break, but we are already planning for August and September. Stay tuned!

Photos: Dorota Szafranko