Cosmic guest in A4!

On 28th of April we had a cosmic guest in A4. American singer Space Lady came to have a concert here! We used the opportunity having her in A4 and we prepared interview with her. Find out more about her life in hippies era or why she is wearing her famous winged helmet!

You have personally experienced the decade of hippies in U. S. and you were active part of this movement. Can you tell us more about these times?

Actually I was on a fringe of this movement. I grew up in a really small cowboy town in Colorado and suddenly I found myself in San Francisco in 1967. I was culture shocked. I was just kind of a stunned observer. San Francisco was just alive with colours, music, peace, … I desperately wanted to fit into this but I didn’t know how to do it. My sister was living in San Francisco and she took me under her wing. Couple of years later me and my partner Joe just chose to go underground. He introduced to me to so much of music which has become integral part of my life. He was the man who helped me to start playing music in the streets and then somehow I just took of.

Could you tell us how you started to play on the streets and make a living of that?

By that time me and Joe moved to Massachusetts and we were living in Boston which was very far away from that hippie movement we have known in San Francisco. So, to begin I was just paddling on poetry, artworks, collages and I did for like seven, eight years. Then our first child was born and I decided to do something more respectable. 

As we already mentioned in the previous question - we know that you are well known as a street musician, but the street is not the only place you performed. For example you were playing in the tram in Helsinki. Is your mission to be close to ordinary people? What do you gain from these interactions as an artist?

I gain community. I would never want to be a part of mainstream because I think I would lose my connection and simplicity of talking with people. I really appreciate it. I mean, even if I am playing on the street it is never for a crowd of people. I am always searching for small venues.

Which artists inspired you most?

There were so many fantastic bands in sixties. I can’t deny the influence of music in sixties and seventies. Most important were probably progressive rock bands - Pink Floyd, Electric Light Orchestra, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan.

You are well-known for your winged helmet. Why do you wear it? Is there any story behind?

It belonged to my partner Joe. He wanted to be one-man band playing guitar through effects and singing covers. Because of the drug situation he never had courage to play in public. He wear the helmet before and he called himself The Cosmic Man. Then I got electric keyboard and he wanted to help my show somehow. So he gave me little plastic daisy to wear in my hair with the blinking ball inside of it. After sometime he finally made the big breakthrough and he let me to borrow his winged helmet. When I began to wear it, it was such a sensation.

How do you like Slovakia so far?
I am surprised that it is so big and so modern looking. I really have to study your city. I will check Wikipedia or some other source. Now when I have been here I am really interested. And I have to tell you, this is really highlight of my tour because I did not know what to expect and I am just thrilled even we are here just for a couple of hours. Still I can come home and say - ‘I have friends in Slovakia!’ It is such a great experience.