WHATEVS #1 recap

Last Sunday, on the 25th of February, the first WHATEVS event took place in A4. This is a monthly event for networking EVS volunteers in Slovakia. For the following events we also want to connect them with locals who are interested in volunteering and culture. As a first edition we organized a chill Sunday afternoon with an international merienda and a crochet workshop.

We started off with a short presentation by our EVS volunteer Natalie. She told about EVS, the WHATEVS event, A4 and how it looks like being a volunteer here. After the presentation the crochet workshop started. This was amazing, the people who attended were very enthusiastic about it. Just like Krystof and Anja who gave the workshop. They are also EVS volunteers, in Partizánske. At the same time as the workshop, the rest of people were playing Cards Against Humanity and other games. When the workshop ended and the playing people were done, the merienda started. Almost everyone took something to eat and some people even made the food by theirselves. It was great to have such a diversity of foods to choose from. Of course a merienda is also about talking and when people were getting full, the conversations went on and people started playing (drinking) games. Meanwhile, in the background DJ Alone (Nora - our other volunteer) was playing some great music.

We want to thank everyone who was at the event for making it a great first edition. Hopefully we will see you at our next WHATEVS event on the 17th of March. We are already looking forward to it.