Slávo Krekovič / about history of A4

Slávo Krekovič is one of two most important persons in charge of A4. He is music director and creates music dramaturgy of A4. What did he reveal us about A4 and himself? 

What was at the beginning of whole process of creating cultural centre A4? 

The feeling that there is a lack of a space for current artistic production of different media in the city. So there was a gap to be filled, but it was also a time when we all met. Several people with different backgrounds, but all wanted to do contemporary stuff and were really keen on the idea of establishing an independent cultural space. So we have formed an association of 4 NGOs and started looking for a space. And luckily we had found one. It was never easy, and we also had to move to a different location, but still - here we are!

A4 will celebrate its 14th anniversary this year. Can you describe how did it change itself in time? Does it have different direction than it used to have before? And how did it change you as one of two persons who are in charge of A4? 

The vision and programming is more or less still very similar: A4 wants to be a place for cutting edge and authentic art, critical debate, new ideas and experimental approaches.

But many things have also changed – some people left, another joined, some of as are a bit 

older, but still running it... And we are all learning by doing, but it has been all getting hopefully more professional. Despite all the troubles and obstacles, for me it has been a fantastic journey with many people that I have met and worked with because of A4.

Do you have any favorite moment or situation which is connected to A4 and happened during these 14 years?

There are so many  of them! Maybe we should do a book about the informal history of A4 as remembered by the people who worked there or just visited it. It would be cool to collect all such stories.

Do you have any secret plans with A4 for the future?

There is only one plan so far – to still keep the energy and experimental spirit and not become a dinosaur-like institution.