International Film Festival Rotterdam in Bratislava!

Already this month we welcome this great film festival in A4. From the 26th to 28th of January 2018 you will be able to watch 6 international movies, 2 each day! The entry for one movie is just 3€.
It's a great possiblity to be a part of one of European's largest film festivals and watch movies with Rotterdam audience without leaving Bratislava. During the exact Rotterdam festival we will screen films from its current program and offer interactive live stream discussions with organizators.

All 6 movies displayed in A4 will go with english subtitles. Let's start with the programme!

Friday / 26.1.2018

5pm / Pin Cushion
Director: Deborah Haywood, GB, 82 minutes
Pin Cushion is a comprehensive study of a relationship between mother and daughter, the story is showing psychological consequences of bullying at every age. How they struggle with a new start, in a new town, with a new society.

9pm / La Holandesa
Director: Marleen Jonkman, NL/DE, 92 minutes
During a holiday in Chile Maud leaves her husband. She meets a little boy called Messi, and they set off on a journey of epic adventures across the endless landscapes. The film premiered at the Toronto Festival in the Directors to Watch section.

Saturday / 27.1.2018

4pm / Amateurs
Director: Gabriela Pichler, SE, 102 minutes
Lafors is a small Swedish community that desperately needs a new start. When local residents find out that the investor may come to them and create 500 workplaces, they get a hope. Who, however, will get a chance to shoot promotional spot and how should it look like? The film is a satire with subversive humor and an honor to all the rebels.

8pm / Blue My Mind
Director: Lisa Bruhlmann, CH, 97 minutes
Debutting Swiss director Lisa Brühlmann offers an original variation of the stories about adolescence. The 15-year-old main hero, Mia, has to cope not only with the pressure of peers, but also with body changes that are not common.

Sunday / 28.1.2017

3pm / Nico, 1988
Director: Susanna Nicchiarelli, IT, 93 minutes
Nico, 1988 a biography of legendary singer Nico, best-known from a project of Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground. In the 80's Nico lives lonely in Manchester, her new manager gives her a chance to go on a tour again - during which she will also visit communist Prague.

7pm / Nina
Director: Olga Chajdas, PL, 120 minutes
A self-confident debut about a cold teacher Nina, who can not get pregnant. Nina and her husband are looking for a replacement mother. Young and attractive Magda could be a suitable candidate and that's how the story of impulsive love begins.

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