Tomáš Hudák/ about Kino inak

Tomáš Hudák arranges cinema programme in A4 Kino inak. In this short interview we asked him a few questions about his work. Check it out!

1. How do you choose films which are screening in Kino inak?

First of all, these are films I like and find interesting in some way - they are challenging, they push boundaries. They try to make you think differently about the world around you and about the art of cinema.
We try to show films of some specific taste that I think is underrepresented at Slovak film festivals or distribution circuit. The world of cinema, it's not just Cannes, Berlin, and Venice; there are dozens of small, daring films every year that go under the radar and I enjoy looking for them, finding them, and sharing them with others.

2. Are you involved in film making as well? Do you have your personal experience in film industry?

Not really. I have made two short videos (one at the university, one during my days at film archive), but they were never publicly screened, nor they are available online.

3. What is your opinion on latest slovak film production in general? Do you think it's improving itself?

I think so. It's getting more varied and I can see more talented people making films. On the other hand, I wish they were a little more edgy. Even though they might be good films, I find most of the production for cinemas kind of conservative.

4. What films could you recommend us to not miss in Kino inak in 2018?

It's too soon to talk about whole year, but I am really happy about our February program which will focus on philosophy, science, and art. There will be political satire à la Buñuel by a young German director with beautiful title Self-Criticism of a Burgeois Dog; there will be visually stunning film essay-lecture about human life and evolution Photon; there will be godardian fiction Los Feliz that reflects on the power of European imagery, and many more.