SkRAT / theatre at A4

SkRAT is a theatre group residing in A4 and regularly performing in our space. The main head responsible for it is Ľubo Burgr. Major idea was to meet him in person, individually, but from the beginning he stated, that we should sit together with his theatre colleagues, as they participate in this Art same as him. This way we sat together right before their regular performance - Extrakty a náhrady. Please, get to know them too!

A4: What was your first impulse to create theatre group SkRAT? How did it start?
Ľubo Burgr: Me and Vlado Zboroň left our previous theatre together in 2000 and we just started to think what to do, if we should go to another theatre or join some group. Then we decided to start our own collective, because we have special process and we share same ideas. We made first performance called Window-Border-Heritage, it was our first creation and then we just stayed with idea of doing things together.

A4: How would you define your performances? What kind of theatre is it?
Ľ.B.: We create in collective, everyone participate. We are authors of everything - text, scenario, screen play... Simply our original theatre.
Inge Hrubaničova: We are friends, we know each other about 20-25 years. Our theatre has good base in cultural and social topics. Also we have a good point of view, we can create from our own experiences.

A4: Share a secret - how does it look like to create performance, what is the process?
Ľ.B.: It's not a secret, it's very simple. We are meeting, drinking, brain storming and recording.  Mostly we improvise together with creating text. After 5-6 months we start the actual performance.

A4: About future - do you have some big plans / projects ahead?
Ľ.B.: Not really. Maybe it's not big, we are just doing our usual job – working on next two performances

Photos by: Dorota Szafranko 18/11/2017