OFF Festival 2017

Because there's no such a thing as "too much of volunteering!"

... and that's why I dediced that volunteering at international festival of photography is just another great opportunity for me.
OFF festival is event which is happening every year during the first half of November in Bratislava at one chosen place. For two weeks you can see a small photo and video exhibitions of various artists who chose to participate in this festival. Also there is jury every year which announces the winner of ON_AWARD prize. It's award for artist who accomplished to follow the topic of the year in the best way. This year was the theme Anatomy of the soul. Maybe a little bit philosophic, isn't it?

How volunteering at this kind of festival? 

As I joined this festival as a volunteer I had the chance to see what preparations you need to do to make it really work. Of course I did not see everything because behind this big project there is team of real organizers who had everything under control. My job was mostly preparing the space (this year it was 3rd floor of OC Dunaj). Such as painting wooden palettes, painting walls, cleaning windows, doors, sweeping up and cleaning floors, ... a lot of manual work! 

Me painting palette with white colour :) 

The last day before beginning of the festival artists came to prepare their photos, hang them on the wall in the proper way, right order, etc. It was nice way to meet them in non-official way. On Friday 3rd of November the festival could be finally started after one week of preparations in OC Dunaj. Opening of festival was very nice event and full of people. Part of programme was also announcing of ON_AWARD which won Finish artist Eetu Linnankivi with his project Be like a man.

(... and I as a volunteer got very nice festival bag with presents like t-shirt, lighter and certificate that I was helping with preparations!)

Here you can see some photos how it looked like after opening of festival. I think it was really great experience and I'm looking forward to next year.

More info:

by Alena Pratasevich (BY)

by Inštitút tvorivej fotografie Sliezskej univerzity v Opave (CZ)

by BTK Vysoká škola umenia a dizajnu, Oddelenie fotografie (DE)

Photos by: Natálie Durčáková 31/10/2017 and 17/11/2017