Kino inak #1: Lajka

“The life of Lajka on suburbs of a big Russian city is not easy. After being captured, she is forcibly trained to be a cosmonaut. Soon after Lajka’s departure into the universe, she meets other animals detached from Huston and Baikonur. The animals are traveling through the universe, soon to use a black hole as an escape route and happily settle down on the other planet. After a long time of their harmonious, undisturbed coexistence with local animals, a first man will come to destroy their peaceful life.
It is fascinating how humankind had risen above all living creatures on Earth, deciding on their basic rights of living, and using them, especially in the name of science. It's a big topic, extraordinarily for the puppet show”.

Those are words which authors used to describe Lajka’s plot on official website Aurel Klimt, a man responsible for it’s biggest part, is Slovak-born Czech animator and director. He studied Animation at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Movie Lajka seems to be he’s first full-length creation, on which he worked for over 10 years. Fantasy world could not exist without a real one. So half year before planned shooting they started to produce puppets and decorations. 3 years later puppet designs and scenario were ready. Klimt admits that before you start the movie for real, there are years of project development, which is normal part of every process.

“This movie is not just about Russia, it's not about cosmonauts, this is just reality in which story is set. Lajka is about relationship between humankind and other living forms on the Earth and the whole universe” explains Klimt in one of interviews. Plot focuses directly on this aspect and shows various ways of people using other existences to achieve more.
On the other hand technique of puppet animation associates with younger target and easier topics. Visually Lajka is one of those movies which gives a twinge of longing for more traditional times.
If that's what you are looking for, you will not regret watching Lajka!