Fiordmoss + For you Katrina

Fiordmoss is a band, which roots are mostly in Brno (Czech Republic). They tell their stories in melancholic manner, as they set up their band when their apartment was burned. They combine vocals and guitars with inspirational techno and grim work, and play their songs on almost extinct stages. The founding members met at art school and now the band lives and produces its music in Berlin.

For You Katrina is an audio-visual project of a Slovak artist living and creating in Berlin. His music and performances have ecstatic ritual character which gives enchanting effects. For some it may be controversial, for some just natural and ethereal.

On 15th of November they came to performance in A4. For you Katrina opened this evening with a big amount of kindness and showing his big heart to audience. That might be a surprise, because music and official videos are a big mystery. Artist know from his extravagant image had a hand-made outfit completely fitting lights and scenery of performance. Right after him came Fiordmoss. It started in absolute darkness. When sound started to flow, single flashes of stroboscope started to burst right behind the band. It was regular, but not rapid. Whole performance was set in the same atmosphere, dark, full of contrasts.

Photos by: Dorota Szafranko 15/11/2017