Zsolt Sőrés / artist residing at A4

Zsolt Sőrés is hungarian experimental musician and improvisator. He's one of residing artist at A4 thanks to international Visegrad Fund. He has many individual experiences but also past cooperations with Taku Sugimoto, Richar Barrett, Franz Hautzinger. On 4th of October 2017 we had a chance to see one of his performances from a cycle of Utopian Blues and could have a brief word with him in person.

A4: How your cooperation with A4 started?
Zsolt Sőrés: I have a contact with Slávo Krekovič (artistic director of A4) for a very long time. In 2012 we were involved in East European project about discovering hidden sources of experimental music. It took place here in Bratislava, Budapest and also Kraków. But we know each other even longer, we always had common friends, we met first some time in 90s. Lot of connections, later I was in Bratislava, there was a dance project almost 10 years ago, A4 was in different location back then. 2 years ago I was invited by Zuzana Husárová to take part in Sound Poetry Festival, so I played here. Then we just talked about this really great opportunity, like we should get funds for a residence, so I tried and it finally happened.
A4: Can you try to define your music?
Z.S.: I think there is a general problem with definitions. Experimental music or free improvised music, it's how I call it myslef, but it needs some notes why I say this. Free improvised music is absolutely not good for definitions, it's completly agains definitions, it's a different way of music making. What is really great to see, to join this movement is what happenes now and last 50 years. We recreated music, we see how new kind of art form is born, called sound art. Our music is getting independent, it's a new form of art. It's very interesting. Free improvised music is a new way to find your position in this movement. What I see - everything is mixed up, the borders are very thin between things, between music and art. That's normal, that's organic, that's human.
A4: What was the best experience for you in Bratislava? 
Z.S.:I like this city very much. We don’t have such a city in Hungary. Budapest is much bigger and the other cities are much smaller. This community is unusal for me. Everything is walkable so I can reach all of the important places by foot. I really like to go to smaller streets and get lost there a little bit. I really like cities and everytime when I’m playing somewhere I go for a walk and I’m trying to catch atmosphere of that place. Music is like walking for me.
A4: What are your future plans after finishing your project in Bratislava? 
Z.S.: There is a theater festival in December in Hungary. This festival will be devoted to memory of one hungarian psychedelic writer. For me it will be oportunity to introduce my experimental music. Then I’m going to Switzerland and America with international viola quartet in January and February. After that I would like to release my first album which is called My First Art Brut Symphony.


Photos by: Dorota Szafranko 04/10/2017