Exploring Slovakia #1: Hiking in Small Carpathians

I've been longing to explore real nature for the whole time since I am here in Bratislava (just two months, haha). Unfortunately, the forest around BA is not enough for me, so I started to search for some trips more far away from this city. And I found out very soon that there is plenty of events like this.
Autumn nature everywhere!

What about a trip to Small Carpathians?

Sometimes it's very useful to be active on social networks. This time I mean especially Facebook. It took me just three minutes to find a trip exactly according to my dreams. It was hiking from little village, quite near to Bratislava, called Modra to the highest peak of Small Carpathians mountains - Vysoka.

View from Vysoka

The whole group met up at bus station on one very nice Saturday morning. It was more than 40 of us. The most people were from abroad. A lot of Spanish and French people who are here as ERASMUS students or already working. We took a bus to station Zochova chata. Travel took around one hour and half but I spend this time by talking with very nice Indian guy. After getting of the bus we ate a little snack (it was really long travel, you know :D ) to refresh our strength and energy.

Panorama taken along the way in the mountains
Then we were hiking around two hours than we reached the highest peak. We were talking all the time and made nice new friendships between us. We were also really enjoying autumn nature playing with all of the colours.

Group photo on highest peak Vysoka
At the top of the mountains we ate our homemade lunches, took some pictures and then prepared for the way back. It took us less time because most of the way was down from the hills.
After arrival at the bus stop we found out that we still have some time till our bus will come. So we went to visit typical slovak pub nearby and finished very nice trip with beer in our hand. At the end I would like to say that if there is some nature lover (as me), I can highly recommend this kind of trips :)

Photos by: Natalie Durcakova & Michal Cukan, 14. 10. 2017